Perfect Pumpkins

by Sarah

Are you looking for a healthy snack to bring to a Halloween party this week? These Mandarin Orange or Clementine Pumpkins are sure to “trick” you into eating a healthy treat!

Ingredients/Prepping Tools:

  • Mandarin oranges or clementines – choose as many as you would like to serve
  • Celery stalks and leaves
  • Orange peeler (this will make things a lot easier!)

Putting it together:

Using the orange peeler, peel the mandarin oranges/clementines and scrape off as much white pith membranes as possible.

Wash, dry, and slice celery. Cut 1-2 inch pieces from the tops of the celery and insert into the peeled oranges. Cut the leaves from the celery tops and arrange them to look like pumpkin leaves.

Looking for another Halloween inspired recipe? Here are some silly apple bites that could be another side dish to try!

Happy Halloween!

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