Our Playful City

by Kayla

Let’s take a moment to reflect on something positive that is going on in our community. You may have noticed some signs along our city’s streets saying “Playful City USA.” What do those signs even mean? Well, it’s part of a national initiative to make places to play that are readily accessible for children and families. There are many communities that lack the resources or where other activities take precedence over creating safe and accessible places to play. Our community has not let this happen. We are fortunate to have plenty of places to get up, get out, and get active. In fact, Eau Claire and Altoona were both designated Playful City USA communities in 2017.  Meaning we have one of the best couple of Playful Cities in the country! Wisconsin also has a handful of other communities on the list; way to go Sconnies!

One cool community feature that I just stumbled upon was a website called Chippewa Valley Family. They are active in social media as well, with Facebook and Instagram. On the website they have the Eau Claire Map of Play.  It includes a full map of all of the parks and playgrounds in our area. It allows you to filter by attractions such as basketball courts, picnic tables, walking trails, disc golf, playground equipment, etc. How cool is that?! We still have quite a bit of summer, so be sure to use this map and check out a few new locations. My family has been especially loving the new attractions at Carson Park and River Prairie, we hope to see you there!



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