Megan's Favorite Things

by Megan

I know I have shared recipes and links before but now I’ve got a new round-up for you:  my favorite things from this past month. Didn’t Oprah have a “Favorite Things” show? I think so. I’m no Oprah so I won’t be giving away any cars or anything but I do have some great recommendations that I think you’ll appreciate.

  • The Skimm - if you make time to read the newspaper and watch the news every day, skip ahead you go-getter. If you don’t make the time or can’t make the time do stay up to date on what’s going on around the world but still want to at least look like you know what your coworker is talking about The Skimm’s free newsletter is for you. The Skimm says it does the reading for you and just briefs you on the basics. I love it.
  • Runner’s World “What to Wear” tool - For those mornings when you’re not sure how many layers to put on, or leave at home, I plug in the temp and condition and it suggests what to wear while running.
  • Guided meditation apps - I’ve really made an effort to try mediating 2-3 times a week and it was easy to do with the free app I downloaded on my phone (“Insight Timer”) but I suggest trying a few out first. I like the one I have because I change between 5 minutes and 30 and I can choose a different teacher each time. If you’d like to look at more, check out this great article.
  • Running vests - About three years ago I got lucky and found a running vest at TJ Maxx, I have loved it ever since. It’s great for the in-between weather we have around here. I don’t always need a jacket but a little something extra for the wind is nice. I don’t have a specific brand to recommend, I think most would work just fine, but if I were you I’d look for one that is reflective and has pockets- seriously, I can never have enough pockets when I’m out for a run.
  • Black beans - I’ve been throwing them in a lot lately. Quinoa, chicken enchiladas, white chicken chili, they can really stretch the meal, they’re inexpensive, they add fiber, and my husband likes them.
  • Unsubscribing - While I subscribed to a newsletter I hit unsubscribed to the dozens of retail emails I was getting daily. You may love being notified every hour of sales and deals but I found myself getting sucked in and shopping more- which is not in my budget. So I unsubscribed and put that to rest.

So what about you? Any “favorites” from this month?


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