Just Put Forth Minimal Effort

by Joanna

Did you that know I’m a scientist? That’s what I like to tell people occasionally. Because I have a Master of Science, this is not an untrue statement. (Actually, it’s completely ridiculous but it’s fun to say.  See image A.)

As a scientist, I often talk to people about activation energy. Fancy. Activation energy is the amount of minimal energy required to cause a reaction. Sounds like efficiency to me. The way I use it with people is when someone tells me they don’t like to exercise, they are too tired to exercise, or they aren’t motivated for whatever reason. This is when my scientist brain starts to kick in and activation energy gets brought up.  I tell people that if they aren’t motivated to do the intended exercise to just put on the clothes in which they plan to exercise. That’s it.  Just do that.  Most of the time this person will say to themselves, “I have on my workout clothes; I may as well go run/walk/bike/to the gym.”  And that’s activation energy for you - minimal effort to cause a reaction.  See image B.


What can you do to help take that first step towards what you need to accomplish?







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