International Walk To School Day

by Sarah

Tomorrow, October 2nd, 2019, is International Walk to School Day! On this day, students of all ages can participate in walking or biking to school with an organized group to bring awareness to having safe routes available for students all year long. Students are encouraged to commute to school on foot or by bike on this day rather than get a ride to and from school by bus, a family member, or friend. 

Many school districts participate in the International Walk to School Day as a way to not only continue to encouraging healthier ways to get to school, but also allowing kids to see the social benefits of commuting to school as a group.  

The Walk and Bike to School website has great information for school districts that would like to participate in the event. Also, it is a good resource for parents to see if their district is participating in the day. A list of all the schools in Wisconsin that are participating can be found here

Will you or your student be participating in Walk to School Day? Check with the school district near you to see how you can get involved! 

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