Indoor Dumbbell Circuit

by Melissa
Indoor workouts are happening more and more around my house lately. Between my active toddler, shorter daylight hours, and the cooler weather, it's getting harder and harder to leave the house before or after work to get a good workout in.

Enter indoor dumbbell workouts.

I like to do a quick 30-minute dumbbell workout after I complete a treadmill run on weekday mornings. Try out my most recent favorite for your next workout!

This workout features three different circuits. Go through each move in the circuit once, then repeat that circuit 3 times!

Circuit 1

  • 12 dumbbell bench press
  • 12 lateral raises
  • 12 weighted reverse lunges
  • 30 Russian twists

Circuit 2

  • 12 dumbbell shoulder press
  • 12 dumbbell rows
  • 12 weighted squats
  • 30 reverse crunches

Circuit 3

  • 12 overhead triceps extensions
  • 12 dumbbell curls
  • 12 dumbbell deadlifts
  • 30 bicycle crunches
Repeat each circuit 3 times!

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