How to Have a Healthy Summer

by Melissa

Summer is right around the corner and the temps lately sure make me long for those summer lake days!  Read on for a few tips to feel your best all summer long!  

Plan exercise for earlier in the day. 

With the temps climbing and the humidity hanging in the air, finding time to get in your exercise in the morning will be imperative so you do not have an excuse later in the day.  

Eat right. 

There are plenty of delicious foods to indulge in at cookouts and gatherings but focusing on healthy foods will keep you feeling good and healthy. Plan for what indulgences you would like and fill the rest of your day in with healthy lean proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables.  

Keep your skin healthy!

Cover up when you can, but also make sure to apply sunscreen that is SPF 30 at least every two hours you are in the sun.  Also make sure to moisturize!  

As always make sure to take time for yourself and for self-care. 

Summer weeks and weekends can fill up fast and it can be easy to put your self-care on the back burner.  

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