How to Finetune Your Organizational Skills

by The Cooperative
We all possess some degree of organization. You’ve probably booked an appointment in advance or created a checklist before vacation. However, as with all skills, the art of organization must be practiced and modified over time. The following tips can serve as a roadmap to developing an orderly lifestyle:
  1. Be your own database. Practice your penmanship and record everything. Give your brain a well-deserved break and jot down your grocery list, appointments, or any personal goals that spring to mind. Whether you use a physical planner or phone app, logging valuable information will ensure it’s not lost in the void of your mind.
  2. Revolutionize your to-do list. When building a to-do list, address the low-maintenance items first. If a task requires minimal time and effort, complete it, check it off, and move on to the next item. You can also add these tasks to the top of your list, so they catch your eye at first glance. Psst: This will also help you break that pesky procrastination habit.
  3. Life is messy. Pace yourself. Stretch your to-do list over multiple days to encourage flexibility and breathing room. Attempting to juggle a week’s worth of tasks in a day will only set the stage for burnout and frustration. Try breaking larger goals into smaller steps that are specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic. Observing a goal in its entirety will be overwhelming; however, managing digestible pieces over time will create a seamless and satisfying workflow.
  4. Block your time. As an extension of your to-do list, you can also create “focus blocks” of time to tackle specific and high-priority tasks. These time blocks can be scheduled as appointments or highlighted on your calendar as visual reminders. Treat these blocks as non-negotiable and commit with your full attention.
  5. Declutter your space. Your environment is another key factor in refining your organizational skills. If your space is out of order, your brain will soon follow. Store frequently used items within reach and toss anything that is no longer serving its purpose. Want to take it to the next level? Pull out your label maker and storage containers for an accessible and aesthetically pleasing space. Your brain will thank you.
When applied regularly, organizational skills prompt us to manage our time and utilize our resources effectively. We all balance a myriad of tasks daily but applying structure can keep us grounded and resilient.
By, Coach Kaleigh

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