How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes

by Megan
Although summer months are wonderful to be outside, the upcoming fall season is my favorite time to get outside and walk or run. If you are also itching to get out and walk, let’s check your shoes. How long have you had your walking shoes? If it’s been over 6 months or 300-500 miles, it may be time to hang them up. A comfortable walking shoe can make all the difference in providing support and preventing foot pain and injuries.

If you find yourself needing some new walking shoes, how should you go about that?

You could visit and seek help from any local shoe store and their staff but if you prefer to do your own research, you could start with the “wet test”. To do this, wet your foot and step onto a piece of paper. If your entire footprint is visible, you probably have flatter feet. This would mean they “overpronate” when walking. If the wet print shows only the heel and toes, you probably have a high arch and, in that case, may “underpronate”. If you see a curve in your wet footprint, you probably have a neutral arch. Whether you shop at a shoe store or online, figuring out your foot shape can help you find a pair of shoes appropriate for your feet.

The article linked above also recommended having your foot measured. I know it’s common to have kids’ feet measured as they seem to outgrow their shoes every few months, but many adults may also see a change in their shoe size. I swear my already flat feel managed to grow even longer after pregnancy. When measuring or trying on shoes, it’s also recommended to do so in the afternoon or evening when our feet are their largest (due to swelling).

When it comes to cost, there is such a wide range of what you could spend on a new pair of walking shoes. My biggest piece of advice, if you are going to shop for them in person is to just tell your salesperson your budget or limit right away, there are options for everyone’s budget- you don’t need to spend $100+ (unless you want to, then go ahead!).  Once you have your new shoes, make sure to get out and enjoy them. 

Although I’m not naturally, an outdoorsy person, as I mentioned above, I do like getting outside for my exercise and if you are looking for walking routes or tired of the same old routes, here is a website that will provide you with options in any location. Enjoy!

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