How To Beat a Weight Loss Plateau

by Melissa

Plateaus come in many forms.  Have you ever been working really hard to lose weight and suddenly you can’t seem to lose any more? Ever improved immensely with your exercise routine and then out of the blue you are no longer seeing improvements? This can be frustrating for many, but don’t lose hope, there are many things you can do to beat a plateau. Read on to find out more!

  1. Have a vision for yourself.  Imagine yourself at your goal. What does it look like? Keep that in mind every day; envision yourself at your goal to keep yourself motivated.
  2. Switch things up.  If you are in a plateau, many times that means that your body is used to what you have been doing and you need to find a different form of exercise, or increase your exercise intensity.
  3. Be careful of creeping calories: Think about when you first started working on your weight loss goals.  Are you eating and being as mindful as your were at the beginning? Most likely not.  Go back to the portion sizes you were using when you first started.  Do not eyeball your portions, use a measuring cup or a scale to ensure that you are getting the correct portions.
  4. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake.  Fruits and vegetables tend to be lower in calories, but fill you up.   Not to mention all of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are in fruits and vegetables as well. 
  5. Do not give up.  It may seem like you are doing everything you can and it is still not working, but giving up is not the solution.  Usually a plateau means that you have lost some of the attention to detail that you had when you first started.  Reset your mind, eat a healthy and well balanced diet and exercise regularly.

You can do this!

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