How Much Does Your Purse Weigh?

by Megan

I love reading trashy magazines; I don’t know that I’d call it a guilty pleasure because I don’t feel guilty about it at all!  It’s like a mental vacation, plus I love the smell of a glossy magazine page- I have no idea what that’s about, but I digress. Anyway, a few of these magazines often have an article about what some celebrity or editor carries in her purse and I love looking to see how much stuff some people cram in their handbag. It got me thinking about my purse and how I need to downsize.  Seriously- I’m giving myself neck and back pain with how much stuff I carry in it. So let’s look and see what’s in my purse as of today:

  • Sugar-free gum. I always carry this, usually Orbits brand because I drink so much coffee. I hate having coffee breath and stained teeth. I’m sure my dentist is also happy.
  • Sun-maid box of raisins. This is in case my son gets hungry or crabby when we’re out and about.
  • Face and hand wipes. See above.
  • Hand sanitizer spray. I’d prefer to wash my hands with soap and water but it’s not always possible.
  • Pepper Spray. Paranoid or well-prepared? Probably both but let’s just hope I never have to use it.
  • Floss. I know that dentists recently came out with on the fence findings about the effectiveness of flossing, but there is nothing on the fence about having food stuck in your teeth. It’s a bad look and I use this to avoid it.
  • Plastic pill container with what looks like ibuprofen in it… but as I’m not positive I should probably toss.
  • 8 lipsticks/lipglosses. I may have a problem.
  • Plastic bag. We have a dog, enough said.
  • Daily Planner. I forgot about this and I found it at the bottom. Clearly it’s not doing its job.
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Glasses container for prescription sunglasses which are not in there. Hoping they are in my car.
All in all my purse and it’s contents weighed 7 pounds. That’s too much to be carrying on my shoulder! Time to remove some of it and see if that helps reduce the neck pain I’ve been experiencing.  I am also going to throw in these stretches each night to see if that also helps. I'm challenging you ladies out there to weigh your purse.  Can you cut back on some things to lighten the load?
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