Healthy Hacks

by Shelby

Life happens, and sometimes you forget a few groceries or maybe you need a quicker option for dinner but also want it to be healthy.

Check out the tips below to see if any could help you get through the week.  

Always have a frozen vegetable in the freezer 

If I forget to buy the right amount of fresh vegetables for the week, I can easily pull a frozen option out of the freezer. This makes having a vegetable at dinner quick and easy. Plus, most of the time I have some leftover for lunch the next day. 

Buy pre-made salad kits 

By buying 2 salad kits, I have enough for 6 salads. I try to buy 2 different salad kit flavors. This way I can mix it up and not have to eat the same salad all week. 

Here are my favorite flavors: Dole Caesar Salad and Dole Sweet Kale 

Make one protein and use it in different ways 

Here is the recipe to go with this hack. By making a larger amount of a meal you were already going to make, you have some for later. Get creative and use it in different ways. Coach Sarah’s Salsa Chicken can be used in 3 different ways in her previous blog post. Can you come up with another way? 

Use Free Workouts on YouTube and Plan Ahead of Time 

It may be nice to go to a gym and have equipment to use but it can be expensive and time consuming. If you like the gym and going there works for you, great! But if you’re like me and need something budget friendly and at home, this is for you. 

  1. Find a few workouts that look fun that you would like to try and put them on the calendar.  

  1. Create a word document and link the video that you want to do that day.  

  1. Each day, you can pull up the calendar and click the video you planned to do. One less thing to think of during the day because it is already planned out! 

I’ve shared my favorite exercise YouTube channels before but here they are again. 

PopSugar Fitness: all types of workouts – barre, dance cardio, no equipment cardio, weight-lifting, kickboxing, and yoga with modifications for any fitness level (beginner to advanced) 

Yvette Bachman – Yvette’s Total Fitness: my favorite for cardio kickboxing and weight-lifting HIIT workouts, for more intermediate to advanced fitness levels

My calendar looks something like this. All the workouts linked are free and require no equipment! 








30 min kickboxing 

30 min family walk 

45 min HIIT 

30 min Yoga/Stretching 

30 min family walk 

45 min dance cardio 

Rest and Stretch 

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