Healthy Cookbooks to Try

by Joanna

Do you have go-to cookbooks? Do they offer healthy alternatives? This past weekend I sat down to plan out a week's worth of meals and found myself reaching for the same cookbooks I always consult, so I thought I would share. Let me know if you have any that you love too!

Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook
I particularly love the Vegetable Fried Rice and Cheddar Stuffed Burgers – yum, yum, yum! All are obviously Weight Watchers recipes so you know you will be working with recipes that have been renovated to be lighter.

Fix-It and Forget-It Lightly: 600 Healthy Low-Fat Recipes for Your Slow Cooker
If you don’t have a slow cooker, you are missing out on a huge way to simplify your life! Just like the title implies, all you have to do is throw something in, and forget about it (until it’s time to eat)!

Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats--A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners (A 30-Minute Meal Cookbook)
One reviewer counted the types of dishes in her book (must have had a lot of time on their hands):
53 meatless (many do contain cheese, however), 11 lamb, 4 egg, 8 ground turkey, 21 ground beef, 80 chicken, 21 beef (steaks, London broil, etc.), 5 ground pork, 16 pork (chops, tenderloin), 9 turkey (cutlets), 10 ground chicken, 29 fish (halibut, cod, swordfish, salmon, tuna), 11 veal (ground, cutlets, etc.), 30 shellfish (shrimp, crab, mussels, scallops, calamari), and 48 sausage, etc. (ham, prosciutto, chorizo, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, bacon, salami, pancetta, etc).

The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life
This is an Ellie Krieger cookbook. If you’ve ever seen Ellie on her Food Network show Healthy Appetite, you know how delish and healthy her recipes are! Her “Nibles and Noshes” section provides healthy snacks that are easy to make. She also includes information on essential nutrients, how much is needed, and the function of each.

Poulet: More Than 50 Remarkable Recipes That Exalt the Honest Chicken
This one I’m throwing in here because I own it, and it looks like it has a lot of good recipes, but I haven’t tried it yet! I’m a little intimidated, truthfully. I’ve never worked with a whole chicken before. The cookbook itself is a beautiful padded hard cover with amazing photos inside. If you own this cookbook or have tried recipes from it, let me know – I’m dying to know how easy or difficult it is and how many whole chickens to purchase to get one recipe right!


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