Have an Edible Halloween

by Joanna

How much do you love Halloween? I have neighbors who go all out with their Halloween decorations. They have about 30 painted wood cutouts that they place in their lawn every October and everyone loves it! Kids flock to our neighborhood to see it every year!

One of the downsides of Halloween to someone who is watching their waistline is all of the tempting candy lying around either before or after the munchkins come knocking on the door! Holy moley. With this in mind, I searched for some healthy treats to have on hand so you’re not tempted to take some from the kiddo’s pile. Good for kids and adults alike!

Spidery Deviled Eggs – easy
Make a regular deviled egg. For top decoration, cut a pitted black olive in half and place on top of the egg for the body of the spider. Cut the other half of the olive length wise, thinly, to use as the spider’s legs.

Witches’ Finger Sandwiches - easy
Take a regular sandwich (best if not bulky – think peanut butter and jelly or low fat cream cheese and bananas) and trim the crusts off. Cut the sandwiches in to 1/2 inch wide slices. Place an almond slice at the end to resemble nails on the end of a finger!

Meringue Ghosts - tricky
I’m not good at making meringue - Coach Christa is, which is why I labeled it “tricky”. These cute, little, edible ghosts are made like regular meringue but piped through a pastry bag in the shape of a ghost.
Edible Eyes – easy
Cut a carrot into small, round chunks. Place a small dollop of low fat cream cheese on top of the carrot stub and top with a raisin or blueberry in the center.
“Larabar” Truffles – tricky
I wasn’t going to throw this one in here because they are higher calorie, but they are made from good ingredients, like dates! Just make sure to not overindulge if you are watching your calorie intake.

What are some ways that you avoid the extra calories around Halloween? I’m going to put in some extra time in the gym so I can have a small amount of candy in addition to buying it at the last minute. Hopefully it will help! Please share your ideas below!

For other ideas on how to keep extra Halloween calories at bay, check out Coach Megan's post - Healthy Halloween: Having Fun without the Sugar Buzz


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