Football Season

by Joanna

It’s football season! Who are you cheering for?

Are you green and gold?  Navy and orange?  Or purple and gold?

With all of the wings, beer, and cheese available at football parties and tailgates, here are some simple things to remember to help you stick to your goals and get through this sporting season!


Put together a plan ahead of time.  If you are going to a tailgate and you know there is going to be a lot of junk food, how are you going to avoid over-eating?





Game Plan
Stick to it! What happens with players don’t stick to the plan?  It all falls apart and they are less likely to succeed.






We all do it.  Don’t beat yourself up.  If you end up having way too many cheese curds, there’s no reason to throw the entire plan out the window.  Just get back on track and focus on going forward.






Keep your eyes on the prize.  Remind yourself what you’re working towards.  It must be worth it if you set it as your goal in the first place!



Believe in your abilities and never quit!



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