Five Ways to Stay Positive in an Anxious Environment

by Melissa
With all the closures going on right now as well as the heightened sense of anxiety, it is easy to feel a sense of doom and gloom. Instead, try to focus on things that make you happy.  Aim to come from a place of positivity.  What will be will be, and there is nothing we can do but focus on our actions and our own thoughts.  Below, I am sharing 5 ways I try to stay positive through tough times.

Focus On My Own Actions

Right now, it is easy to point fingers and play the blame game.  The thing is, we all have a role to play, would you rather be a part of the problem or a part of the solution?  I am focusing on things I can do to help others by checking in on neighbors and helping where I can.

Limit News Intake

While it is important to stay informed and up to date, there is a limit to how much we can handle.  Limit how much news you watch as their stories tend to focus on the negatives and not the positives.

Get Some Exercise

We are practicing social distancing, not nature distancing! Get outdoors and enjoy sunshine! There are plenty of beautiful walking paths that offer scenic walks! If you aren’t sure about where these are in the Eau Claire area, check out this website for more information!

Do Something Relaxing

I have been loving Jigsaw puzzles lately.  I set them up in my basement and spend about an hour a few times a week working on my puzzles. Sometimes I like to turn on a show like The Office as background noise because it makes me happy.  I feel like I am getting a good little brain workout in but am still relaxing!

Keep a Gratitude Journal

I know I have talked about this one before, but it is so important for keeping a positive attitude.  Everyday I try to write down 5-10 things that I am grateful for.  The caveat is that I never repeat what I am grateful for, so each day is a challenge to pick out different things to be grateful for!

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