Five Gift Ideas for The Health-Conscious Individual

by Joanna

Do you have someone in your life who is into health, wellness, or fitness?  Need a few gift ideas?  You’ve come to the right place!  We are almost full swing into the holiday season and gift giving is on a lot of people’s mind.  Below are a five gift ideas for the health-conscious individual.

  1. Fitness Tracker
    These have certainly gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.  While the idea is not new (accelerometers have been around for a long time), the technology has greatly improved.  Not only track your steps and heartrate, but now you can also track your sleep, running pace, inactivity, oxygen levels, and much more.  There are a wide variety of price levels and functions of fitness trackers but a good place to see reviews, (if you’re a nerd like me), is CNET.  The most popular brand of fitness trackers are Garmin and FitBit if you’re looking for where to start.

  2. Foam Roller
    Coach Lue had a post about foam rollers awhile back.  If you have someone on your list that could use self-myofascial release or self-massages, look no further!  I use them for neck and shoulder soreness.  There are a variety of sizes – we have three at my house: 36 inch, 18 inch, and 12 inch.  While I use them mostly for tight shoulder muscles, my husband uses after runs to prevent soreness.

  3. Ninja Blender
    This product is a game changer.  While the Vitamix is a great blender, it comes with a hefty price tag.  For half the cost, the Ninja blender is a great contender.  I can truly say that this product changed my life, at least in the kitchen.  It chops vegetables so easily and clean up is a breeze.  The Ninja blender to me is what the Slap Chop promised to the world ("Fettuccine, linguine, martini, bikini!").

  4. Wireless Headphones
    There is nothing worse than running with traditional headphones and having them rip out or your ear.  It hurts and it interrupts your stride.  Good thing we are in 2018 and wireless headphones are a real thing.  While good wireless headphones can be pricey, the holidays are the perfect time to splurge a bit on a loved one who has been wanting one.  Again, CNET is a great resource and they happened to have a current review on the top wireless headphones.

  5. Aerogarden
    I’ve talked about my Aerogarden in a past post.  After my herb garden, we grew cherry tomatoes, and my Aerogarden produced cherry tomatoes for over a year!  We finally cut it down because I wanted to try growing something else (I’m thinking herbs again or trying coleus).  This is a great gift that is fun and educational – you’ll learn about hydroponics, pruning, and it’s just fun to watch things grow.

I hope you like these ideas.  The only one I don’t have is the wireless headphones, but it’s on my list for someone so I’ve done a lot of research on the topic.  If you have other great gift ideas for the health conscious individual, post it down below and share – we could use more ideas!

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