Fall Activity Round-up

by Kayla

It’s here! It’s officially Fall, and there is plenty to do to keep you busy! This time of year provides you with opportunities to get crafty, try new recipes and flavors, and enjoy the fresh and crisp air. Here are some ideas that may spark your interest.

Get Busy in the Kitchen

As seasons change, so does fresh produce. The Fall flavors tend to be soul warming. Which is just what we need during this crazy year.


Bust Out Your Crock Pot!

Search different soup, stew, and chili recipes to try. Be sure to try coach Melissa and Megan's Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili recipe this Fall.

Jack-o-Lantern Quesadillas

I’ve always said, it’s amazing what you can hide in a quesadilla when parents talk to me about the picky eaters in their family. Throw in some extra veggies by cutting them up really small (cook them to soften them and break them down a little bit before chopping). It’s like a parent’s sneaky version of trick or treat!

Get Active

As always, just keep moving your body. Try and soak up as much of that fresh air and sunshine as you can before the winter hits. 

Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a great way to get outside and get some activity in. You can check out some local orchards listed in Coach Megan's blog and make some healthy(ish) apple crisp with your fresh-picked apples!

Go For a Hike

Check out these great hiking trails in our area. The scenery is so pretty along these trails this time of year.

DIY Costume Party

Grab some household items and make DIY halloween costumes. You can throw on "Monster Mash" and have a mini-Halloween dance party.

Go Through a Corn Maze

We have quite a few corn mazes here in the Chippewa Valley. VolumeOne has a list of locations available on their website here.

Get Crafty

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the craftiest person. However, this time of year is easier for me to make something that looks decent enough to display. Easy is key! Activities like this are good mental health boosters. You can even improve your social health by making them for someone else too. By giving them a gift you have made yourself, it just might make their day.

Make a Pine Cone Wreath

Go for a hike, collect some pine cones, and make this simple Pine Cone Wreath!

No-Cut Pumpkin Decorating

If you need some inspiration, just type in “no cut pumpkin decorating ideas” into your search engine and you will get a whole bunch of ideas. These are also great for kids who aren’t ready to carve yet.

Pillar Candles Wrapped in Cinnamon Sticks

All you need to do is purchase some pillar candles, twine, and cinnamon sticks. Then tie various sizes of sticks around the candles with the twine.The smell will be great! Just be sure to not burn the candles unattended.



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