Extra! Extra! Extra Steps!

by Sarah

Spring has been postponed! Well, at least by the looks of things this spring and the ever-changing weather. I try to do something active each day whether it is focused exercise or just being more physically active throughout the day. I have had to be more resourceful when it comes to getting enough steps in each day, especially on the snowy days!

Here are a few times that I get some extra steps and activity into my day:

  • When I’m on the phone at home. It’s easy to pace around and get some extra steps without even thinking about it!
  • By doing some bodyweight exercises during the commercial breaks of my favorite TV show.
  • While I’m making dinner because let’s face it, who wants to watch water boil or watch something bake in the oven?
  • While brushing my teeth. I can get some squats in or even just pace around the bathroom.
  • By putting only a few of my folded laundry items away at a time. This means more trips to the dresser/closet and back!

These are just a few times throughout the day that have helped me get some extra steps. What are some other times that you fit extra steps or activity into your day?

Be Well,



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