Evening Routines: 5 Tips to Get You Ready for the Next Day

by The Cooperative
  1. Reflect on the day’s achievements

Some days are more complex than others. Take time each day to celebrate and reflect on whatever victories you had that day. These may be small wins like hitting your water intake for the day or something bigger like finishing a time-consuming project at work. Whatever your victory, celebrate it and encourage yourself for the next day.
  1. Prepare goals for the next day

If you can set aside a few minutes each evening, think of your tasks for the next day. Once you write them down, you can prioritize them. By getting your to-do list out of your brain and on paper, you will hopefully clear your mind to help you fall asleep easier. It can help your mental health to have less stress about the next day and hopefully help you get restful sleep.
  1. Do an activity to relax your mind

After a long day, relaxing your mind before going to sleep can help you fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep. Think of activities that are soothing to you and give them a try. Some ideas could be meditation, reading, journaling, or an evening walk with no phone. No matter what you decide to try, let your mind relax and disconnect from the chaos of the day.
  1. Prepare for the morning

If you know there are tasks to do right in the morning, prepare a few things during your evening routine to make the morning a little less chaotic. This could look like laying your clothes out for the day, preparing your lunch to take to work or the kids’ lunches for school, setting your coffee maker, or packing items your kids may need for school the next day. Try to get a few tasks in order before you go to sleep. There will be less to do in the morning, and being organized will help you have minimal stress to start the day.
  1. Practice proper sleeping habits

You can do a few things before you sleep to prepare for a well-rested night. Most people do not use these practices, and their sleep suffers. Try to stick to the exact times for sleeping and waking. Your body likes a routine. Minimize the amount of blue light from screens. Try putting your phone on night mode or avoid the screens altogether. Make sure the room is on the cooler side, and make the room as dark as you can. Sleep is essential to our health and overall productivity. Prioritize sleep and try a few of these helpful tips.
To create an evening routine, give yourself time and adjust the plan as needed. The ideas above won’t work for everyone. But give them a try and make a routine that fits your lifestyle best. By having a routine that works for you, you’ll be ready for a restful night of sleep and prepared for the next day.
By, Coach Shelby

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