Drop the Eating Out Habit!

by Joanna

By now you probably know that eating out isn’t as healthy as preparing your own food. Easier said than done though right!? (Especially after a long day of work when it would be so much easier to just order out.)If you need a little more motivation to drop the eating out habit, check out these reasons featured in a recent article on FoxNews.com.

You’ll strengthen your family’s bond. Having family dinner time brings a family together.It increases communication and appreciation for each other. Here’s a great family activity to do at the dinner table:Go around the table and have each family member state three things about their day that they are grateful for. It’s a great way to count your blessings and learn about each other!

You’ll save money. Eating fast food is actually more expensive than shopping at the supermarket, according to a study from the Journal of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. Things that help save money include buying sale or generic brands, selecting produce that’s in-season, checking local ads, and using coupons. Here are more tips for
Eating Healthy on the Cheap.

Your kids will have a healthy future. Setting a healthy example for your kids is so important! If they learn how to cook and prepare healthy meals, these things will become habits. When they have kids of their own, they will also be more likely to carry on the traditional of family meal time.

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Now I’m not saying to never eat out again, after all, it’s what you do most of the time that counts. But when you do go out, try to make the best choice you can. For tips check out a couple of my previous blogs:

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How often do you have family meal time? Any tips for making it happen?


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