Don't Just Survive The Winter... Thrive!

by Megan
Winter is coming!
Yeah, I’m behind on my pop culture references, but it’s true, the cold and dark weather is here for the next few months.

While the weeks leading up to the holidays can be full of excitement and joy, the back end of the winter months can feel long for some people. In order to keep my body and mind healthy I’m setting some goals with the intention to thrive, and not just survive, around the most wonderful time of the year.

Stay hydrated

I’m not cutting out my sacred two cups of coffee a day, but I am making sure to drink 64 oz. of water every day.


My goal is 8 hours a night, so I will be in bed, lights out by 9:00PM so we can wake at 5AM (our household is all early risers). Now, like many people with young kids or pets or insomnia, this goal won’t be achieved every night but I can control the time I get to bed so we’ll start there.

Set hours for my phone

After 8PM, my phone gets put into sleep mode. I have it for emergencies but I won’t go on any social media after that. It’s better for my quality of sleep and for my mental health.

Sweat once a day

Whether it’s an hour or 10 minutes, I will make sure to prioritize exercise. There are so many options for workouts- YouTube, exercise videos On Demand or from the local library, walks through the snow, skating, shoveling (never my first choice though), or the treadmill catching up on The Good Place.


Finally, I’ll make sure to meditate, read, or journal for at least 5 minutes before bed.

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