Coach Sarah's Spring Favorites

by Sarah
Spring is here! As the seasons change, so do some of my favorite things. Here are some things that are my current spring favorites. 

My New Water Bottle

I hate to admit it, but I’ve never been a good water drinker. I never really feel thirsty so I am constantly trying to remind myself to drink more water throughout the day.

Over the last few months I was really slacking and was waking up with headaches most mornings from dehydration.

One morning I said "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" I bought myself a new water bottle which holds 64 ounces to drink during my work day, and then I drink more at home in the morning and at night.  


And wouldn't you know it, after using this water bottle for two days, I was headache free!!!


Lately berries are becoming more affordable at the store, so we've been stocking up in our household. 

Raspberries and strawberries are eaten pretty quickly between my husband, daughter and myself! I'm happy that we can start incorporating these fresh fruits back into our meals and snacks more frequently.

Body Project Exercise Videos

April weather in Wisconsin is really like all the seasons within one month. On rainy or cold days, I have been doing some of the exercise videos that Body Project has on YouTube. They offer some great low impact cardio workouts for people at all fitness levels! I love the workouts and their enthusiasm in the videos. Give them a try

Happy Spring! 


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