Coach Sarah's Least Favorite Things about Summer

by Sarah

Many of our Words of Wellness blogs center around all the things we Coaches love! I decided that this week I would touch on things that are my least favorite parts of summer, and how to turn them into a positive. 


Being the fair skinned red head that I am, I am easily prone to getting sunburns. When I was younger, I used sunscreen for the most part but not as diligently as I do now. Not only is wearing sunscreen a healthy practice for your skin, but also helps avoid the aftereffects of a sunburn like painful showers and peeling! I keep sunscreen everywhere so there are no excuses for not putting it on – in my car, the stroller, the diaper bag, in the garage at home. Everywhere! 

Using the Oven 

I try to avoid using the oven during the summer months mostly because I don’t want to heat up my house! I typically try to use the grill or crockpot instead of using the oven. Lately I have been using the crockpot to cook my dinner protein so that it’s cooked by the time I get home. Then I only need to make the side dishes and voila! Dinner is served! 

Pulling Weeds 

After five summers of working in the Parks and Recreation setting, I have pulled many weeds! Between work and home life, time for pulling weeds is very limited. I’ve been looking at my landscaping at home and wow! It needs some attention! To help myself get the work done, I try to pull weeds early in the morning before it gets too hot and play music on my phone for entertainment. I also think of it as extra activity for the day! 

There are many good things summer has to offer. Hopefully you can make the best out of the not-so-fun things about summer! 

Happy Fourth of July and Enjoy Your Summer! 



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