Coach Melissa's Healthy Favorites: February Edition

by Melissa

My Current Favorite Breakfast

Simply Nature Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Granola
I have a delicious breakfast combo to share with you today! It tastes so good; you may mistake it for dessert! First, I add about a half a cup of Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Yogurt to a bowl, top that with about a half cup of frozen strawberries and a quarter cup of frozen mangoes. Then, I top it with Simply Nature Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Super Food Granola.  No joke, this stuff is amazing! A small handful of this atop your fruit and yogurt combo makes for the perfect breakfast or dessert! Yum!

My Current Favorite Read

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna by Juliet Grames
The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna by Juliet Grames

This book was everything I ever wanted in a book.  It was thought provoking, adventurous and heart-warming.  The book follows the life of a woman named Stella Fortuna growing up in a remote village in Italy in the 1920’s.  Her family immigrates to the United States and you get a peek into what life was like on the cusp of World War II for immigrant families in the United States at that time.  I highly recommend!

My Current Favorite App

Runcoach App Logo
Whether you are thinking about getting into running or you are a seasoned runner looking for a training plan that thinks for you, look no further than Runcoach.  I am currently training for Grandma's Marathon and all I had to do was plug some of my information into the app as well as information about the marathon I am running and what my goals are for it, and it created a training plan for me.  I also love it because you log each of your runs as well as cross training workouts and it shows you your progress!  Give it a try!

My Current Favorite Exercise Video

A few months ago, I was struggling with some pretty intense knee pain.  I ended up going to see a physical therapist who suggested a few exercises and then told me to incorporate Pilates into my routine.  What a game changer! She suggested started off with the Pilates for Dummies video.  I do this exact workout about 4 times per week.  I love it because it is tough, but not so tough that I can’t do it.  It makes me slow down and really focus on the movement.  Pilates is for anyone and everyone, so give it a try!

My Current Favorite Indulgence

What is life without a little bit of indulgence? I admit I have quite the sweet tooth.  To keep it at bay I usually satisfy it with a piece of fruit, but a few times a week I like to indulge in something a little more exciting.  Lately, I have been loving Moser Roth Chocolate bars.  I purchase them from Aldi and they are only $2 for 5 bars! My current favorite is the dark sea salt, but they have quite a few choices in store!  It’s the perfect size and they are individually wrapped to make it less likely to have more than one. 


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