Coach Megan's Summer Recipes

by Megan
​Who’s ready for summer? I know I am!

We’ll get to do some meals al fresco with our family soon and it’s always a balancing act to make meals that are both enjoyed by everyone and also healthy. Or healthy-ish.

An easy appetizer that is colorful and fun for kids to help make are these caprese kabobs. My kids enjoy helping in the kitchen and this, or making fruit kabobs, are a great way tot keep them entertained, for a few minutes anyways.

We really like a good, crispy, thinner crust pizza at our house and have been experimenting with grilling them. If you haven’t tried yet but want to dip your toes into a simple recipe, try this one. As we got more comfortable with this recipe I started adding more toppings, my latest is some pepperoncinis and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (at the end, after removed from the grill).

While the grill is hot, we also add whatever vegetables we have lying around on there in a basket.

For dessert, I know it has lots of sugar in it and it’s not very creative, but I do love a homemade slice of angel food cake with strawberries. Strawberries have been so good lately and this is just an easy dish to make and share. This cake is so light and fluffy it’s worth the time spent baking it I promise.

Enjoy the sunshine (or the rain, at least it’s not snowing!) and have a wonderful weekend.

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