Coach Megan's Recipe Roundup

by Megan

Like many people I try to eat fairly healthy. And also like a lot of people, I have a family to feed so those healthy meals need to be quick, affordable and delicious. Here are some of the recipes that have been on rotation in our house for the past month or two.

Chicken enchiladas- these also reheat well for leftovers the next day.

Garlicky Lemon Baked Tilapia- fish can often be hard for me because I either overcook it or get paranoid I didn’t cook it long enough, but this recipe is easy.

“Spaghetti” and meatballs- This is any meatballs you have, we usually have some in the freezer, and I use spaghetti squash for the noodles. Make your own sauce or use jarred when you’re pressed for time. I usually do all squash but my kids and husband will eat some whole wheat noodles mixed with some spaghetti squash.

Honey Dijon Chicken and Veggies Foil Pack- another quick and easy meal from prep to clean up.

Egg Roll in a Bowl- I will sometimes scramble an egg after the meat is cooked, and I also like to buy red cabbage and chop it myself if I can’t find the coleslaw mix. I add spice to my bowl but leave it out for the rest of the family.
On lazier evenings we do lots of eggs, grilled cheese and tomato soup, or some soup or lasagna dish from freezer. If you have some go-to recipes that are quick and easy, please share with me, I need some new ideas!

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