Coach Megan's November Favorites

by Megan
October came and went in a hurry! It’s my favorite month and it’s already gone, so here we are in November and that means different things to different people. For some, it’s hunting season, for others it’s time to find your roasting pan for Thanksgiving, and for others, it’s time to start decorating for Christmas.

We have had several houses on our block that have decked the halls and I mean decked out- lights, inflatables, reindeer and garland. I’m here for it, this year has been interesting and I say if decorating early makes you happy – do it, there are no rules anymore. I was not able to convince my husband to put our lights up yet but I’m working on it… anyways, here are my favorites of the month:

I didn’t find my roasting pan yet but I did get my Yaktrax out from last winter. Trying to stay active in these months can be tricky when it’s cold and dark but at least I don’t have to add icy and slippery to this list when I wear these. Mine have lasted for three years now, I love them. I put them on my running shoes when I’m running or walking and I put them on my boots when I’m shoveling. If you are worried about slipping you need to get these. There are different styles but the ones I have are very easy to slip over any footwear I have on and I use the Velcro strap to tighten them. (I use the “Run” style)

Decluttering has been my nightly habit before bed. I don’t take on much, I usually just take a room and set the timer for 5 minutes. Before we put up any holiday décor I want to get rid of what we’re not using. Depending on the item it then gets separated into bags for donations, garbage, or storage. In other attempts to do this, I think I tried to do too much then ended up quitting when I got busy or distracted, for whatever reason, the 5 minute trick seems to work for me.

Forget Gingerbread houses for this holiday season, check out these “Charcuterie Chalets”, I have a feeling this would go over well in in Wisconsin household!

I realize this season will feel different for many homes but I hope you are still able to enjoy them and stay safe and healthy.

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