Avoiding Graduation Party Guilt

by Sarah

As spring is upon us, it is time for the never-ending stream of party invitations to start coming through the mail. Not only is summertime usually filled with weddings, baby or bridal showers, family reunions, you name it the list goes on and on! In one of my previous blogs I discussed the “Wedding Whoas” that go along with the bounty of food and drink choices that can tempt you during a wedding celebration. Not only can weddings be a day-long celebration, but also a day full of indulging! The same can be said for graduation parties, especially if you plan to attend multiple parties on the same day.

It seems that at every party or gathering you attend the host wants you to eat, Eat, and EAT some more! Some common phrases from the host(s) usually sound a little like this:

“Make sure you get some food!”

“Go make yourself a plate! We have plenty of food and drinks.”

“Don’t forget to have some cake or dessert!”

So how do we avoid the “food pushers”, still have fun, and stick to our healthy nutrition?

  • Use smaller plates, bowls, or cups if possible. I like to swap out bigger plates for smaller ones whenever I can. Yes, I do get the occasional stare-down for this, but fending off the stares is worth sticking to my nutrition goals!
  • Scope out the “spread” before filling your plate. That way you will be sure to leave room for the healthier options.
  • Bring your own water bottle. Many hosts offer water to their guests, but if you already have a low calorie drink with you, you may be less likely to grab a high calorie item like soda, juice, or an alcoholic beverage.
  • Plan ahead! If you have multiple parties to attend, plan out which one you will have a meal at (lunch or dinner), which one to eat only healthy snacks at (if hungry), and which to have dessert at. This way you won’t be tempted to fill a plate, have dessert, and have high calorie drinks at each one. 

What are some strategies that you use when going to grad parties or other gatherings? Share a comment below!


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