Ants on a Log

by Megan

I was at a kids' expo this past weekend and had so much fun interacting with all the kids who were playing health “Plinko” and the bean bag toss. When I’m around kids I think back to when I was younger and the fun things my friends and I would do. From playing tag on the playground, to riding our bikes to the 7-11 for slushies, to swimming at the lake from noon to dusk - our days were full of fun and activity! I remember once, when my cousins were visiting, wrestling with my brother and having him “accidently” spit out his gum which, lucky me, landed right in my hair. My older cousin decided we should put peanut butter in my hair to help get the gum out - she’d seen it on TV, it would definitely work.  

Well, what do you know, after we added gobs of PB to my hair…the gum still wouldn’t come out! And now I had half a jar of peanut butter in my hair. We washed it and just ended up getting the scissors. Between that and getting my teeth knocked out by a spring rider, it was not my best looking summer. Anyways, what I’m trying to get to are the treats I had as a kid. My favorite childhood snacks were freeze pops (until my brother and I started leaving the wrappers around the house - mom promptly put the kibosh on that), cheese and crackers, and ants on a log. That was my absolute favorite treat. Have you forgotten about ants on a log? If so, you need to revisit these tasty little appetizers. 

For the most basic version, all you need is celery, peanut butter, and raisins. Martha Stewart’s website suggested using other kinds of dried fruit: cherries or currants. I would think sunflower seeds or dried cranberries might also taste pretty good on that celery log.

The directions are very easy, wash celery, cut it into 4-6 inch segments, fill them with peanut butter and artfully arrange your ants (the raisins) on your log! Enjoy! For those of you wrinkling your nose up at the idea of celery and peanut butter: just try it! Bring it to work for an afternoon snack - you don’t have to call it “ants on a log”, you could call it something much more sophisticated like….hmmm…raisins on a stick? Yeah, I’ll keep working on that!

What was your favorite snack as a kid? Would you still eat it today as an adult?

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