A New Water Sport

by Sarah


As you can maybe tell by my photo, I love playing volleyball! I have played since about fifth grade and continue playing competitively a few times a week for some extra exercise. It’s also a great active hobby that my husband and I share.

Last weekend we were invited to play a new water sport that incorporates the sport we love – water volleyball! I’m not talking about water volleyball where the water is up to your torso and there is very little movement (mostly because you can’t move that fast in that deep of water!) The net was set up at a normal volleyball net height with the water around shin height. At first I was a little skeptical about playing, but once we got a few games in I realized how great of a workout it was! Players were still able to move relatively quickly, and jumping out of the water was possible except for it feeling like you had small ankle weights on. Let me tell you – my legs were feeling it! Along with the company of good friends and good competition, this has now become one of my new favorite water sports!

Do you have any favorite water sports that also add in some extra activity to your day? Share them in the comments below!


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