5 Things To Do With the Rest of Summer

by Joanna

Summer is winding down, much to the dismay of well, everyone, especially after the winter we had in Wisconsin this past year! The daylight is getting shorter and shorter. The autumnal equinox this year is Wednesday, September 24, 2014 which means that the day will be the same length as the night.  How are you going to spend the remaining days of the warm summer weather? Below are a few ideas to try before some of you hibernate!

1. Throw something new on the grill

I know a lot of people who never use the grill for anything but meat. How about fish, vegetables, or even pizza? Try out these recipes:


2. Get to the farmer’s market

Haven’t been there yet? Get going! So many things are in season right now! Check out the Farm Fresh Atlas harvest schedule to see what to expect at the farmer’s market. I recently traveled to Colorado and had a chance to go to the farmer’s market in Vail. Some very different things like coconuts, medicinal honey, elk jerky and even a stand that said “Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds”!

3. Hit the road on your bike

Is this something you’ve been meaning to do all summer but time has gotten away from you? Now’s the time to do it and there’s still time to join the National Bike Challenge to help keep you motivated to ride. Bicycling moderately (12-13.9 mph) can burn about 650 calories per hour for a 180 lb person.


4. Can or freeze fresh produce

One thing I wanted to try this summer was canning and it just completely got away from me. Freezing might be a more doable option for me at this point. Spending a little time now will help on the days when we complain that produce is so expensive. Buy it now while it’s cheaper and in season, freeze and bring it out when you need it! Follow these steps to freeze fruits and veggies to ensure maximum outcomes later!


5. Take a hike - literally

Dust off those hiking boots and hit the trails! When my husband and I were in Colorado, we climbed Mt. Elbert (14, 433’ at the summit).

Obviously there’s nothing to compare to that in Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great hiking locally. Plus, you don’t have to worry about altitude sickness in the Midwest! Here is a list of some hiking trails in Wisconsin to check out. And not that I need another app, but I recently downloaded Wisconsin’s new trail app, the Wisconsin State Parks and Forests Pocket Ranger, which gives descriptions of each park, forest and trail, lists of property-specific amenities, maps and directions. Check it out at your phone’s app store!


Whatever you do with the rest of your summer, stay healthy, be active and have fun!



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