4 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

by Megan

As we move into fall and winter most of us will put the covers on our grills and opt to stay inside when cooking. If you find yourself pressed for time as well it’s the time of year to get your slow cooker back out. I have not used mine in a few months but with fall comes soup and chili season. Below I have featured several links to recipes that are healthy, easy, and enjoyed by the whole family.

Also, for those of you who exercise at home, I must recommend this YouTube workout channel- NourishMoveLove. I had first tried her pregnancy and postpartum workouts when I was easing back into exercise and since have come to enjoy all the workouts that are “no equipment needed” as I don’t have much for weights at home. There are some tough low-impact choices as well.  Check out her channel if you want to try something new!

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