4 Easy Recipes for Cooking with Kids

by Megan
 As part of a strategy to get my kids to branch out when it comes to what they eat and as a way to help pass the time, I’ve been cooking more with my kids. They love making muffins with my husband, but I was hoping for something a little different, a little healthier. My rules during this process have been: 
  • Wash your hands (often, and you better use soap) 
  • Do not touch the stove or oven 
  • Help me with the cleanup 
  • Mom does the cutting 

Donut apples
They wanted to decorate cupcakes but I found this as a good compromise as they eat fruit but they also get to play with sprinkles.
Rice and Beans
Luckily, my kids love black beans so this was a pretty easy meal to push.  
English Muffin pizza
This is a hit recipe because it’s very quick prep and they love pizza. They also like to “design” their pizza and this recipe makes it very customizable.  
Egg salad
We hard boil a bunch of eggs beforehand and for whatever reason, the boys love to peel them. They are also able to mash them pretty well to make the salad. 
If you, or your kids, want to get creative on certain nights but not even cook I suggest “color your plate” night. With this “recipe”, I tell the boys to make sure they have as many colors of the rainbow on their plates as possible. Easy foods for them are carrots, green beans, sweet peppers, hummus for dipping, whatever fruit we have in the fridge, a steamed vegetable, and any other colorful finger food.  
Enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and please share any recipes that have been easy to make with your children!

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