30 in 30 Challenge

by Sarah

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on track with workouts. Between the yucky weather, lack of equipment, or any other excuse we can think of, getting out of a workout seems easier and easier. 

The other day I met with someone who told me about a 30 in 30 challenge that they were doing with their friends and family. During this 30 in 30 challenge, participants complete 30 minutes of exercise each day for 30 days and report it to each other for accountability. How do they keep each other accountable you ask? After each workout they complete, they send a picture of themselves (usually sweaty and gross) to the group that proves they completed a workout that day.

What a fun way to help each other stay on track! Are there any other ways that help you stay accountable to a friend or family member for your workouts? Share it in the comments below!

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