30 Day Squat Challenge

by Joanna

I just finished my 30 day challenge:

I challenged my husband to the workout and he graciously decided to do it, too.  I was going to do the squats throughout the day, but he convinced me to do them all at once.  Nice husband, huh? 

But, we did it and we are still alive!  Surprisingly, it went better than expected.  Even the 250 Day wasn’t bad!  The hardest part was keeping accurate count.  I’m sure on some days I did more than I was supposed to.  The (somewhat) gradual increase helped and I felt stronger each time I did them.  I also noticed a difference in hockey.  I was able to skate faster with the same amount of effort.  That’s always a good feeling.

What challenges have you done lately?  Check out one of my past blogs about 30 day challenges and how beneficial they can be!


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