Hello! My name is coach Evan! I am a Graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Stout where I received a B.S. in Health, Wellness and Fitness with a concentration in Health and Wellness Promotions.  The reason I enjoy being a health coach so much is because the altruistic side of me loves to collaborate with others to devise a plan that is best tailored to them as an individual.  One thing that has helped me along the way in my time as a health coach, coaching others, and through my health journey as well is that what works for some might not work as well for others.  With that being said, I am more than passionate to help anyone figure out what works best for them while keeping moral high! In my free time I love to do anything from run miles upon miles, listen to all different types of podcasts or audio books, and play the piano! On the weekends I enjoy travelling to the nearest state/national park to day hike, backpack, or camp with my friends.